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Sometimes you just have to step away

A very hard lesson that I am seriously still having problems with, is learning to spend some time away from work.  I would not necessarily categorize myself as a “workaholic”, I do leave work at work unless called upon; but I don’t spend enough time way from the office as I probably should. I’m talking Vacations!

So, after work today my wife, my kids and I are all heading to Florida for the Mardi Gras weekend.  Yes, in Louisiana we (most people) get Monday and Tuesday off for Mardi Gras. Whereas a lot of people are coming into Louisiana, specifically New Orleans for Mardi Gras; true Louisiana natives try and get the hell away from it all!

I am looking forward to a little break away from work and some valuable time with my kiddos before they get too old to want to do anything with their parents!


Get ready Disney World, the BISHOPS are coming!

Merry Christmas

A little personal post this morning.   I wish everyone, those I know and those I don’t, a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A Non Typical Parenting Guide

By listening to this author, one would never believe he is a psychologists. John Rosemond is a classically trained psychologist that does not believe in the current “psycho-babble” of raising kids.  He believes that rearing children would not be a struggle if one follows the parenting techniques of the bible.

Weekend update

Well, this weekend is going to be somewhat slow.  Just staying around the house and enjoying the warmer days.

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